DUCTZ 24/7 Call Center Helps Build A Steady Pipeline Of Prospects

Consistent service is just one of many ways BELFOR Franchise Group ensures DUCTZ franchise owners are able to grow their business around the clock.

Any new business owner likes to hear the phone ring with a potential client, and DUCTZ duct cleaning franchise owners are no different. But even the most eager of them can’t work every hour of every day. They’re not worried, though, thanks to a professional call center that captures incoming service and information requests 24/7.

That’s a huge lift for franchise owners, especially new ones who are in those all-important first weeks and months of the business. Having the call center means they can focus on networking, awareness building, hiring, and the myriad of other items on their to-do list — and still get business.

Center’s support is reliable and professional

The DUCTZ call center is staffed with dedicated and highly trained staff, so there’s never any worry about them being able to answer initial questions and provide information to callers. That means the leads coming into a DUCTZ HVAC cleaning franchise’s office are solid and easy to follow up on; they also convert to a service call and revenue.

This level of support, which is available to every DUCTZ franchise owner, is a serious competitive advantage. No contracting with a standalone center whose operators can only take messages and no trying to monitor after-hours lines. Calls come in, the information is collected and then sent out to the franchise owner in that territory. It’s that simple, and that effective.

DUCTZ Truck in city

Just one part of DUCTZ’ full support system

Differentiators like the call center are why DUCTZ is a rapidly growing brand across the United States. And it’s just one of the many pluses franchise owners receive by becoming part of the BELFOR Franchise Group’s family of brands. Pair it up with state-of-the-art training, initial and ongoing marketing support, a robust mentoring program, and more, and it’s easy to see why DUCTZ is the smart choice for entrepreneurs who want the freedom and possibilities owning their own business brings, yet also want to join an established, proven system so they can succeed that much faster.

DUCTZ is one of the most affordable opportunities in the booming home services industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new DUCTZ franchise ranges from $73,237 to $187,830. We have third-party relationships to help make franchising affordable. Even better, being part of the BELFOR Franchise Group comes with the advantage of making lenders feel more comfortable loaning money to a brand with a track record of success. We also proudly offer discounts for our military veterans. 

Interested in becoming a DUCTZ franchise owner?

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