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Consumers are becoming mindful of indoor air quality, creating demand for HVAC and air duct cleaning professionals

When it comes to the air we breathe, Americans are waking up to the link between their indoor air quality and their overall quality of life.

In fact, air pollution also happens indoors and has been linked to headaches, dizziness and fatigue, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Whether you are at home or work, the bacteria, mold and dust inside your HVAC duct work is invisible, but can contribute greatly to health issues if they aren’t cleaned regularly. 

This is exactly why the HVAC restoration industry generates more than $97 billion annually, per IBIS World. Poor indoor air quality can worsen symptoms for the millions of people who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, and can even lead to the development of respiratory issues in young children who are exposed to polluted air at home or school. 

Ultimately, the business opportunity is unlimited as every home and place of business relies on clean air to breathe easily. For far too long, consumers have only thought of indoor air quality when their HVAC system isn’t producing enough heat or cold air. As more and more consumers focus on improving their overall health, as well as their home environments, indoor air quality will become paramount.

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What Makes DUCTZ the HVAC Cleaning Business to Invest In?

As the nation’s leading air duct and HVAC cleaning franchise, DUCTZ specializes in helping home and property owners improve their indoor air quality. Our menu of services includes air duct cleaning, exhaust cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, duct sealing and more. With a commitment to expert work and putting our customers’ needs first, our HVAC cleaning business has not only grown to more than 100 locations across the country, but has also earned a reputation for providing an unmatched value and service to our clients.

At DUCTZ, our franchise owners are trained to meet the highest standards in the booming $97 billion HVAC restoration industry. Even better, we pride ourselves on working to meet the individual needs of each and every client. This is why we utilize industry-leading methods and cutting-edge technology.

“The industry of clean air is really evolving right now,” says Jessica Wicks, Franchise Business Consultant with DUCTZ. “There is a heightened awareness of the air that we breathe and people are more tuned-in to what is going on within their heating and cooling systems, as well as what’s in their air handlers and duct work. So when you’re in a space that is not clean and conditioned, the consequences to your health and sense of well-being can be alarming. DUCTZ exists to solve these problems for property owners.”

How Does DUCTZ Compare to the Competition?

Our fast-growing HVAC cleaning franchise is expanding across the country because we not only provide indoor air solutions that home and property owners rely on to remain healthy, but also because our highly trained teams outshine the competition with our professionalism and exceptional service. 

In an industry rife with unreliable independent operators, our thriving air duct and HVAC  cleaning franchise prides itself on tailoring our services to the unique needs of every client. At DUCTZ, we also emphasize transparent pricing, follow all industry guidelines, and demonstrate with our before-and-after photos that our technicians are reliable and accountable. Ultimately, our franchise owners are able to cultivate and establish long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust. 

“The majority of our work comes in the restoration sector,” Wicks says. “DUCTZ is a service franchise that really focuses on indoor air quality, HVAC restoration, dryer vent cleaning, condenser coil cleaning – services that restoration brands don’t specialize in. So we help to restore the HVAC system back to its natural state, so that it’s in its prime efficiency. So generally, we respond alongside restoration companies to tornadoes, floods, fires, and other disasters. We help restore a home or property and make it safe for home and property owners to live and work in their spaces again.”

In addition, as part of the BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the leading franchisors in the restoration and commercial cleaning industries, DUCTZ takes the guesswork out of business ownership and will help you chart a path to growth by providing world-class training, marketing support, and access to industry experts who know how to grow an HVAC cleaning business. 

Moreover, our HVAC cleaning franchise owners also benefit from access to large scale projects and are able to join forces with not only BELFOR Property Restoration, but also other BELFOR Franchise Group brands. Ultimately, our franchise owners are able to secure jobs they wouldn’t otherwise be able to as independent owners. 

Do I Need Experience to Own a HVAC Cleaning Business?

For entrepreneurs interested in franchising with DUCTZ, you do not need to have any experience cleaning HVAC units, dryer vents or air ducts. All we ask is that you are detail-oriented, highly motivated and have excellent leadership skills — we’ll teach you the rest. 

As part of the BELFOR Franchise Group, our franchise owners are provided with a world-class training platform that emphasizes technical and business training to help them not only perform our services with expertise, but also ensure they understand how to successfully manage and grow their businesses. This starts with initial training at our state-of-the-art training facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where franchisees learn how to use our cutting-edge technology and equipment, how to educate customers to demonstrate their value, and more. 

“Our training center is one of the top training centers in the United States,” Wicks says. “We teach our franchisees and their teams how to perform the work that they will be doing, in both the residential and commercial sectors. We take training extremely seriously, as our ability to be seen as the experts in our industry is what sets us apart from the competition. There’s nothing else out there that compares to how qualified our people are to do the work we do, and it’s why our franchise owners do so well in their markets.”

This is how we’ll help you:

  • Record of Success – With more than 40 years of experience helping entrepreneurs thrive in business, BELFOR has eliminated the guesswork of starting a business with a proven business model that works. 
  • 24/7 Call Center – When you start your business, your number one priority is growing your business. This is why our team of professionals will answer your calls, convert inquiries into customers and ensure your customers have a positive customer experience. 
  • Exclusive TerritoryAll DUCTZ franchise owners have access to large, protected territories with the ability to expand. 
  • Marketing – As a DUCTZ franchise owner, our home office team will provide you with marketing, advertising and public relations to help position you and your business as an industry-leading professional in your community.
  • Ongoing Support – BELFOR Franchise Group is committed to helping you thrive in business over the long-term. This is why our leadership and support teams are available to answer your questions and are always ready to help when you need them.

DUCTZ is Committed to Making Your HVAC Cleaning Business Successful.

If you’re ready to begin the journey to a successful HVAC cleaning business, consider investing in DUCTZ. Our turnkey business model, multiple lines of service and recurring revenue streams make owning a DUCTZ franchise a best-bet investment. 

Additionally, our business model is designed to keep initial and ongoing costs low. In fact, DUCTZ is one of the most affordable opportunities in the booming home services industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new DUCTZ franchise ranges from $73,237 to $187,830. We have third-party relationships to help make franchising affordable. Even better, being part of the BELFOR Franchise Group comes with the advantage of making lenders feel more comfortable loaning money to a brand with a track record of success. We also proudly offer discounts for our military veteran’s.

“As a business opportunity, DUCTZ is a very attractive concept,” says Jessica Wicks, Franchise Business Consultant with DUCTZ. “We’ve thought everything through to the point where our business is so straightforward that it might seem elementary. Since 2002, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs, often with zero experience in the HVAC cleaning industry, thrive in business. We provide the training, state-of-the-art technology, menu of services and we coach you on how to build relationships with your customers so that you can benefit from multiple, recurring revenue streams. All you have to do is follow our business model, and our existing franchise owners will tell you exactly that.”

Interested in becoming a DUCTZ franchise owner?

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