Why DUCTZ Clean Air Franchise Is Meeting Changing Customer Expectations

DUCTZ is not only an essential business, but new expectations of cleanliness are also creating demand for the HVAC and air duct cleaning franchise

If you’ve spent the past couple of months at home, you might think that you and your loved ones are safe from air pollution, but research has shown that is far from the case. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air pollution can also occur indoors and has been linked to headaches, fatigue and dizziness. The bacteria, mold and dust inside your HVAC duct work is invisible but can contribute greatly to health issues.

As the market returns to normal, customers will have radical new expectations of cleanliness, which will not only increase demand for these services, but also makes HVAC cleaning a truly recession-resistant business. For entrepreneurs who are concerned about managing indoor air pollution and are looking to invest in a viable business opportunity, DUCTZ, one of the leading HVAC and air duct cleaning franchises in the nation, is a wise investment. 

With a commitment to expert work and putting our customers’ needs first, our thriving clean air franchise has earned a reputation for providing an unmatched value and service to commercial, residential and healthcare properties. How do we do it? By training our franchise owners on how to adhere to the highest standards in what, according to IBIS World, is a booming $97 billion HVAC restoration industry. 

“The industry of clean air is really evolving right now,” says Jessica Wicks, Franchise Business Consultant with DUCTZ. “There is a heightened awareness of the air that we breathe and people are more tuned-in to what is going on within their heating and cooling systems, as well as what’s in their air handlers and duct work. So when you’re in a space that is not clean and conditioned, the consequences to your health and sense of well-being can be alarming. DUCTZ exists to solve these problems for property owners.”DUCTZ truck clean air franchise

How Will DUCTZ Support You In Your Business?

From the moment you sign your franchise agreement, you will never be alone in business. As part of the BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the leading franchisors in the restoration and commercial cleaning industries, DUCTZ takes the guesswork out of business ownership and will help you chart a path to growth by providing world-class training, marketing support, and access to industry experts who know how to grow an HVAC cleaning business.

“Our training center is one of the top training centers in the United States,” says Wicks. “We teach our franchisees and their teams how to perform the work that they will be doing, in both the residential and commercial sectors. We take training extremely seriously, as our ability to be seen as the experts in our industry is what sets us apart from the competition. There’s nothing else out there that compares to how qualified our people are to do the work we do, and it’s why our franchise owners do so well in their markets.”

The best part? DUCTZ franchise owners benefit from a turn-key business model and the full support of industry experts who want to help them thrive in business. Because of that commitment, we have kept the initial and ongoing costs of ownership low. The total investment for owning a DUCTZ franchise ranges from $73,237 – $187,830, which makes us one of the most affordable opportunities in the fast-growing home services industry.

Interested in becoming a DUCTZ franchise owner?

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