3 Reasons Why DUCTZ Franchise Is The Duct Franchise To Buy In 2021

Businesses of every size are reopening, Americans are returning to the workplace, and the importance of clean air has become a national issueDUCTZ franchise technician cleaning air duct

The memos are going out. Companies are winding down, or cutting back, their work-from-home operations and bringing employees back to the office. And, after months of being empty, those offices are a bit musty. Chances are, that business owner or landlord could use a visit from a DUCTZ duct franchise.

The same goes for homeowners who, now that they are out of the house for several hours a day, are coming home and noticing that perhaps the air is not as fresh as it could be. Who can help? DUCTZ, that’s who. And that just scratches the surface of why a DUCTZ duct cleaning and restoration franchise is the right investment to make during the second half of 2021.

Any building, home or office, is a potential job

Every DUCTZ franchise owner has potential business in any direction — if it has four walls and a roof, and an HVAC system, it’s ripe for outreach. A good way to get in the door is to remind home and business owners that the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that HVAC systems and air ducts be cleaned every two to five years. This helps to prevent poor indoor air-quality issues and ward off mold. And in a post-COVID world, anything to do with curtailing the spread of germs will resonate.

Service, support & more from BELFOR

As part of the BELFOR Franchise Group, you’ll immediately tap into the expertise of one of the nation’s largest networks of cleaning and restoration brands. The BELFOR team has ensured that DUCTZ has the leadership, industry expertise, and training and marketing savvy to help entrepreneurs build and grow a successful small business.

Affordable entry costs provide easy access

Unlike many franchise options, such as food service, a DUCTZ franchise is affordable. DUCTZ offers a discount to veterans, creating even more value for former service members looking to launch an exciting business opportunity. In the past year, DUCTZ has also proven to be a durable business that can succeed in even the most challenging environment. The home-services sector is about to become white hot, so now’s the time to explore what DUCTZ has to offer.

DUCTZ is one of the most affordable opportunities in the booming home services industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new DUCTZ franchise ranges from $83,948 – $197,296. We have third-party relationships to help make franchising affordable. Even better, being part of the BELFOR Franchise Group comes with the advantage of making lenders feel more comfortable loaning money to a brand with a track record of success. We also proudly offer discounts for our military veterans.

Interested in becoming a DUCTZ franchise owner?

There’s a reason that Franchise Connect thinks so highly of our business model. For in-depth details about the DUCTZ franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.