Why DUCTZ is Winning in the Pandemic

Fast-growing air duct cleaning franchise experiences strong sales as indoor air quality becomes more important than ever before

The outbreak of COVID-19 changed everything overnight. We changed how we work, how we shop, how we communicate, where we go, what we do – and because the virus is airborne, all of these changes seem to be centered around the air that we breathe.

While indoor air quality was quickly becoming a mainstream concern before the pandemic, now in the midst of it, it is an essential concern for millions of people.

Harvard University published a study on the link between long-term exposure to poor indoor air quality and death due to COVID-19, finding that breathing in particulate matter in the air makes the virus more deadly. As a result of research like this, indoor air quality has become a top of mind concern for millions of home and business owners across the nation.


This has created a surge in demand for air duct cleaning services, and as the nation’s leading brand in the air duct cleaning category, DUCTZ franchise owners are busier than ever.

“The demand for our services has been incredible with many of our franchise owners experiencing record-breaking sales,” says Ken Osness, Director of Franchise Development with DUCTZ. “The need to maintain good indoor air quality is at an all-time high and we’re the specialists in the field. We not only provide the technical expertise required to do the job right, but we also provide a high level of customer service and professionalism that our competition cannot compete with. We’re a national brand backed by one of the most reputable names in the home services category, BELFOR Franchise Group, and we’ve been able to position ourselves as the out-and-out leader in the air duct cleaning category.”

Air duct cleaning is an essential, recession-resistant business

After the outbreak, a new category of business emerged: essential businesses, which were allowed to operate as the rest of the economy was forced to lock down. Owners of these businesses were in an extremely advantageous position as not being forced to close meant that they could still be profitable, growing businesses and provide services that met a true need in their communities.

As indoor air quality specialists, DUCTZ was deemed an essential business. Our franchise owners help to keep people safe from poor indoor air quality issues, reducing their exposure to particulate matter from mold growth, pet dander, and more that can float invisibly in the air. If unchecked, this matter leads to health problems such as asthma, and according to Harvard University, a much worse outcome with the virus itself.

This also means that 2020 was a great year in business for our franchise owners and our franchise system overall.

“Our growth during 2020 is a testament to the strength of our business model and the services we provide,” Osness says. “The entire team at BELFOR Franchise Group helped our franchise owners operate safely and effectively, and by being deemed an essential business, our franchise owners were able to focus on sales, profitability, and growth. We knew that our business model was recession-resistant before the pandemic, but now we know that DUCTZ is a truly resilient brand and one that can thrive during a time of national emergency.”

The demand for our services will continue long after the pandemic is gone for good

With a vaccine on the horizon, we can look forward to a time when we can see other people smiling in a public space again.

But while the masks will be thrown away, our focus on indoor air quality will remain a big concern going forward. This means that DUCTZ is well-positioned to continue to win more market share as our brand recognition grows alongside the need for our services. Even more importantly, our franchise owners are likewise well positioned to increase their profit potential by providing an essential service every home and property owner in their community needs.

“The future of DUCTZ is very bright,” Osness says. “We expect our growth to be strong in 2021 and beyond. Our startup costs are low, our training & support is best-in-class, and the services we provide make a real difference in the lives of our customers. There’s never been a better time to invest in a DUCTZ franchise.”

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