Why Home Services Are The Right Opportunity Right Now

The home services category is exploding as consumers focus on improving their quality of life in the home

With millions of Americans cooped up at home longer than ever before, it should come as no surprise that homeowners are choosing to spend their money on improving life at home.

HomeAdvisor reports that the home services category is worth more than $500 billion and growing. With more than 511 million home services jobs completed every year, 2020 was a year for the record books as Americans shifted their discretionary income away from travel, entertainment, and dining out to spending on projects around the house.

“This year, we found, in our annual survey, the average home services spending for households who took on projects rose to $13,138, an increase over last year’s survey results, where homeowners who did projects spent $9,081 on average,” says Mischa Fisher, Chief Economist, HomeAdvisor, in their annual home spending report.

HomeAdvisor reports that “spending on home improvement, home maintenance, and home emergency repair” increased across the board. And this trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

This means that investing in a business in the home services category is a wise choice – but that doesn’t mean all home services brands are equal.

picture of the front of a house with DUCTZ vans in driveway

Why DUCTZ stands out in the home services category

The outbreak of COVID-19 changed how we think about the air we breathe – quite literally. If homeowners were unaware of the importance of indoor air quality before the pandemic, they learned very quickly how vital indoor air quality is to their overall quality of life.

As the leading air duct cleaning franchise in the nation, DUCTZ franchise owners help homeowners breathe easy. The work we do is so vital to the home and property owners we serve that we were deemed an essential business. This meant that our franchise owners were allowed to operate when the rest of the economy was locked down.

Unlike other home services brands, when a home or property owner has a problem with their HVAC, they cannot put it off – their health depends on addressing the issue immediately. And now, as indoor air quality awareness is at an all-time high, home and property owners are willing to invest in preventive air duct cleaning services to maintain good indoor air quality and avoid health-related issues due to breathing in mold, pet dander, and more.

This has led to several months of sales increases with some of our franchise owners experiencing record-breaking sales.

“DUCTZ franchise owners are in a really advantageous position,” says Doug Smith, SVP of Franchise Development with DUCTZ. “Our services are more relevant than ever before, and because we’re an essential business, we’re allowed to operate no matter what happens to the economy. Our franchise owners are busier than ever and the interest in investing in our brand is at all-time high. When you look at our business model, our brand recognition, our training & support, our association with BELFOR Franchise Group, and how much demand there is for our services, investing in DUCTZ makes a lot of sense. We expect to grow right alongside the home services industry for years to come.”

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